Santa's   Workshop

Christmas Eve Visits


 A  limited number of Christmas Eve visits                                                                  
are available.

These visits will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. 
 Christmas Eve visit times will have to be flexible as scheduling conflicts may occur
 (I cant promise I will be on time, but I will
try...hey it is Santa's busiest night)
Email for Christmas Eve pricing and reservations.

Prices for a personal visit are based on the number of families & children that will join in on the fun. 

Santa's Workshop is about making memories for the little ones.  As a private visit Santa this is where we shine!  Santa will make an appearance at your  residence, pose for pictures, and engage in conversation with the children.  He can also present your child/children with a small gift from his toy sack (you provide gift). There will be plenty of Ho Ho Ho's and Merry Christmas' to boot! All of this at an affordable price! 

Santa's Calendar for availabilty

 email Santa  or call  972-562-2608 for pricing and to schedule a visit.

Have your Camcorder and cameras ready for his BIG arrival !
  (This is what memories are made don't want to miss their expressions and excitement!)
Santa will chat and visit with your family until he has to dash off to his next visit.
(15-20min visits are normal for a single family)


Wouldn’t it be great if on Christmas Eve, the parents, after hearing a noise wake up and quietly get the rest of the family up? They tip-toe through the house and then, from a secluded hiding place, they watch Santa put the presents under the tree, eat the cookies, drink the milk, read their Santa letters and anything else that is a tradition in their home. No one would dare talk to Santa because everyone knows that if Santa catches you watching him he will drop that small white feather he carries in his pouch and the household would fall back to sleep with no memory of seeing Santa. So the trick is just to watch and not get caught.

The most important thing is call us early. To do a proper “Sneak-a-Peek” requires a bit of preparation. It is a good idea to have at least seven or more days of lead time before Christmas Eve.
The dean of the oldest Santa School in the nation, Tom Valent, says “Children remember sitting on Santa’s lap for their lifetime so make sure it’s special.” Now imagine what we are talking about here. Your children will be watching Santa work in their own home putting out their presents. Talk about a memory…. So please take this seriously and call us as early as possible so we can properly prepare.

We only do a “Sneak-a-Peek” once for any family.  After all, you would never catch Santa twice.  Since this will be the one time your family has a visit like this we recommend that the children are 5 or older.

Email or Call the Workshop today to schedule your Sneak-a-peek.  These visits are different because again, there is no "interaction" between Santa and the family. Everything is observed from a secure "hiding spot".