Santa's   Workshop

Home Visits



"They may break the toy in a few hours, but for their lifetime, they'll remember Santa Claus gave it to them." ~ unknown

Give your kids an extra special treat this holiday season...
have SANTA visit your home.

A basic home visit is up to 30 minutes and can accomodate up to 3 children.  More children require more time so that Santa gets to spend quality time with each of them.  Santa will read a story, deliver gifts, pose for photos, sing Christmas carols with the kids and more.  Santa also has a special offering of sharing the real meaning of Christmas ~ the birth of Jesus.  Every visit can be customized to maximize the enjoyment for all.

Santa also will join your holiday parties for family, friends, co-workers - you name it.

Other types of appearances Santa has made in the past:

Breakfast w/ Santa                      Advertising (Print media)
Day Care Centers                                                  Photo sessions
Holiday Open House                                              Retail Stores
Hospital visits                                             Story time w/Santa
Tea with Santa                                                      Country Clubs
Corp. Events                                                               Restaurants
Church Parties                                                  Birthday Parties

You create the opportunity and Santa can appear at your event. 
Santa will also appear for "Christmas in July" events or other year-round activities.

Get an Early Start and Book Santa Today!
1) Check the calendar to see when he is available.
2) Complete the form below making sure to fill in all of the boxes with your information.
3) Click on the "Submit" button to send your information to Santa.
Please send me an email or give me a call for a quote.   Prices for a personal visit are based    
                             on the number of families that will join in on the fun. Prices for an event or party are based       
                             on amount of time needed and or attendance.
                            Please note that Christmas Eve visits will be more expensive than a regular visit.